Further news updates/site updates are in the works. I am one individual with limited resources, and I have plenty of work to do here; please understand that lack of update does not mean lack of activity. (2022-05-29)


Documenting the Terra Fork

The parties wielding centralized control of the Terra blockchain evidently believe that they can divert value with a contentious hardfork, sweep it all under the rug (so to speak), and merrily make off with whatever capital they can extract from the catastrophe that they themselves created.

They are wrong.

UST holders and LUNA holders alike deserve a permanent, easily accessible public record of these events. Someone needs to spearhead an effort to gather, organize, fact-check, and present that record. Instead of wishing for someone else to step up and do it, I’ll do it myself! I invite the community to join me.

The site’s full content will be open-source; however, I must appoint myself BDFL and exercise some centralized authority, to assure adequate fact-checking and informational integrity. I also want to avoid developing too much dependency on centralized services. This is a long-term project. For now, until I figure out how to handle infrastructure, please do not send me PRs or other direct contributions.

Urgent Action Items

I request the community’s assistance with the following. This is a non-exclusive list; I do not wish to telegraph what data I am gathering, or interested in.

If you want to help, please feel free to reach out to me by email. Preferably with crypto. I am not currently on TG; I may go there, but have no time for that now. I am not on Discord, and don’t plan ever to use that horrid network. I tried to get on Twitter (Nitter), but they shadowbanned me for being a Tor onion user; I do not check DMs. Of course, if you have Twitter, you are welcome to retweet my forthcoming attempt at announcing this site!

Everyone has email. It works. It’s easy. Use it.

moon@doomed.moneyPGP: 0C84 3524 B17F 59A9 3119 1A88 B044 D450 5EBA 310B

(Disclosure: I hold millions of darling little LUNAs. LUNA—the genuine, original LUNA, not “LUNC”. I do not currently hold any UST—although I have in the past kept so much of my money in UST that I would have been wiped out, if a financial emergency had not forced me to spend my UST before the full de-peg. I held UST on principle, out of desire for a fully decentralized stablecoin. I never got the Anchor 20%.)

Last updated: 2022-05-27.